Diane Franklin

Best known as an actress for her sexy, innocent charm, dialects and curly dark hair, Diane starred in some of the most iconic cult films of the 80s! Starting her film career in the early 80s she debuted as Karen, the dream girl, in THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN (1982). She then played the innocent victim, Patricia Montelli, in the horror film, based on a true story, AMITYVILLE II: THE POSSESSION (1982). In the mid-80s she starred in TV MOWs such as SUMMERGIRL, with Barry Bostwick, and DEADLY LESSONS with Ally Sheedy, and re-curred in several TV series. Then in 1985, she won her most beloved role as Monique Junet, the spirited French-exchange student, playing opposite John Cusack, in the comedy BETTER OFF DEAD (1985). Audiences may also totally recognize Diane, the Medieval babe, Princess Joanna playing opposite Keanu Reeves in BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (1989).Today, Diane is still acting in her daughter’s, Olivia Delaurentis’s comedic films, SOOOO FUNNY! and a new thriller due out next year, WAKING NIGHTMARE (2017. In addition, Diane has published an autobiography, about her awesome life as an 80s actress, Diane Franklin: The Excellent Adventures of the Last American, French-Exchange Babe of the 80s (Amazon/Kindle) and has a cool new book out coming out in August 2017!!

Twitter: DianeFranklin80 
Instagram: Dianetobewithyou 
Website: DianeFranklin80sBook.com