Jeffrey Weissman

Jeffrey Weissman is a 45 year versatile actor of stage, film and TV.  He started working in classic ’70s Hollywood films; ’The Rose’, ‘FM’, ‘Fastbreak’, I Wanna Hold Your Hand’, he even got hypnotized by Alice Cooper in ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’.
Jeffrey’s first starring role came in ’82, as one of the terrified passenger ensemble in the remake of ‘Nightmare at 20,000 Feet’, George Miller’s unforgettable fourth segment of ‘Twilight Zone the Movie’, with John Lithgow. The same year Louis Malle directed Jeffrey in ‘Crackers’, next Amy Heckerling cast Jeffrey in ‘Johnny Dangerously’ with Michael Keaton, and in ’84 Clint Eastwood asked Jeffrey to play tin-pan miner/half wit, ‘Teddy Conway’ in Clint’s return to westerns, ‘Pale Rider’. 
In ’89 director Robert Zemeckis recast the iconic role of George McFly. Jeffrey stepped up to help production seamlessly recreate scenes from the first film, and to portray the ‘future 2015 McFly family’. The trilogy now has become one of the top ten trilogies of all time. 
Jeffrey worked again in Hollywood with Bette Midler in ‘For the Boys’, and in Disney’s ‘Max Keeble’s Big Move’.  Jeffrey received rave reviews for playing the ocd wine maker hero in the hilarious cult mocumentary, ‘Corked!’, in action films ‘Traveler’ and ‘American Brothers’ he plays really bad men, and he plays an avenging angel for an adolescent girl trapped in the foster care system, in ’Savior of None’ . 
In ’18, Jeffrey played Mark Twain in the PBS production; ‘Dreamland; Mark Twain in Jerusalem’ recounting Twain’s remarkable 1867 trip to Europe and the Holy Land, which later became Twain’s best selling book, ‘The Innocents Abroad’
In-between film roles, Jeffrey guest starred on TV shows; Max Headroom, Dallas, and his role as ‘Scotty’ is in one of the all time highest rated episodes of Scarecrow and Mrs King’, ‘Filming Raoul’ . In the ‘Rockumentary’ episode of ‘Saved By The Bell’, Jeffrey plays Screech’s Guru the hilarious, ‘High Geek’. He went head to head with Dick Van Dyke on Diagnosis Murder, and played recovering Asshole #1 in the ‘Assaholics Anonymous’ episode of ‘The Man Show’. 
As well, Jeffrey does voice work in animated projects and on films; Hot Resort, Loverboy, Heathers, Meet the Applegates, and on several TV productions. 
On stage, he often stole the show as ‘Igor’ in a multi-award winning production of Mel Brooks ‘Young Frankenstein the Musical’, and he got raves in the Robin Williams role of ‘Parry’ in the stage adaptation of ‘The Fisher King’. 
He is a world-renowned imitator of Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Stan Laurel & Larry Fine. He played the iconic silver screen comedians at Universal Studios Hollywood for 15 years.
He performed eleven years as ‘the Hobo’ on the California State Railroad Museum’s consistently sold out holiday show, ‘The Polar Express’. 
For the 30th anniversary of the Back to the Future film franchise, Jeffrey put together a band made up of BttF cast members, ‘Mr Fusion’ for the BttF Cruise to End Parkinson’s fundraiser.  And he’s “putting the band back together” for events this year, the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future pt II, in which Jeffrey stars as the iconic George McFly.