After the break out success of Broken Wings and Kyrie, the band was approached by a well- known beauty products company to shoot a video for the third single “Is It Love” featuring fashion models, the latest, hippest clothing and of course, their beauty products. The deal was this; the company would pay all production costs if they could subtly put their label somewhere in the video, letting people know their involvement. This is something that is common these days, but in 1986-87 it was unusual for a rock band to collaborate with a multinational company. We’re still not sure what the meaning of the video is although the girl is obviously dealing with an abusive boyfriend or husband. Richard is watching all this on a TV somewhere and then rushes to her rescue in a very cool old sports car. Oh yeah, the band is playing in another large room in the mansion while all this is going on. Makes no sense, but neither did most of the videos back then. MTV loved this video and put it into maximum rotation. Richard remembered that the producers invited all the wives, girlfriends and family members to audition to be extras on the shoot. Linda, Richard’s wife, actually went to the audition and didn’t tell the producers who she was. She passed the audition (they told her she was perfect and had great hair!) and was going to come but one of their kids came down with the flu and she had to stay home. Also, the very expensive red jacket he is wearing in the video was stolen by a crew member at the end of the day. Show business!

Richard Page